Amerykańscy pianiści odmówili…

Amerykańscy pianiści odmówili udziału w organizowanym przez Gazetę Polską nowojorskim koncercie po tym jak dowiedzieli się o publikacji o „strefach wolnych od LGBT”. Koncert został odwołany.

Needless to say I had no choice but to withdraw from the concert after discovering the link. It was not a decision I took lightly, but I could not with good conscience take part in an event that had connections to an organization that expressed views that I regarded as abhorrent and which were in opposition to everything I stood for. I also felt it my duty to let the other performers involved know the nature of the organisation behind the concert. After contacting both Charles Richard-Hamelin and Angel Blue and informing them of the activities of Gazeta Polska, they both had no hesitation in withdrawing from the event as well.


How do you get to Carnegie Hall?"Practice, practice, practice" comes the answer, in this well known old joke. In the…

Publiée par Jack Gibbons sur Samedi 24 août 2019


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